Saturday, 18 May 2024
    Keynote Speaker

    We will have Two Keynote speakers:

    The first keynote speaker of the conference is
    Professor Jose Rodriguez from University of Andres Bello, Chile.

    Title of speech: "The Future of Power Electronics from the Perspective of the Applications".

    Abstract- The author will present his view of the future evolution of Power Electronics starting from the components: semiconductors and microprocessors. Then he will discuss the evolution of topologies and control techniques  applied to Power Electronics. He will also present his view related to  he evolution in application areas such as:
    • Industry, specially in mining
    • Transportation: electric trucks, super electric cars, aircraft, more electric ships
    • Illumination
    • Renewable energy: wind and photovoltaic
    • Power systems.

    The second keynote speaker is
    Professor Shahrokh Farhangi from Tehran University, Iran.

    Title of speech:"Recent Advances in Grid-connected Photovoltaic Inverters, a Survey of Academic and Industrial Trends"

    Abstract- Today, evolution of the photovoltaic grid connected inverters continues in both academia and industries after two decades of progress. In recent years, new applications emerged for such inverters. The PV backup systems integrate the energy storage solutions with PV generation. The micro inverters enable new solutions for PV applications. The novel power converter design techniques have enhanced the PV system’s efficiency and the presence of the new manufacturers and markets have impacted the cost of the PV systems. The PV Inverters can engage into grid compensation and smart grid functions by extending their functionalities. Reactive power generation, distributed protection, and innovative commutation protocols are among the new operating modes demanded by modern grids. This presentation evaluates the recent advances on the PV grid connected inverters. The novel applications, requirements, and the achievements will be presented. Additionally, an insightful vision will be provided for investors and researchers by concluding the futuristic trends in the grid connected PV system development.