Monday, 22 July 2024

    Conference Topics


    Power Electronics and Applications:

    • New Convertors Topologies
    • Resonant Convertors
    • Convertors for Special Applications
    • Power Supplies
    • Power Quality, EMC, Filtering and PFC
    • Power Electronics in Electrical Energy Generation, Transmission, and Distribution
    • Power Electronics for Renewable Energy Systems
    • Control of Power Converters
    • Power Semiconductor Devices
    • Thermal Management
    • Wireless Power Transmission
    • Pulse Power
    • Education in Power Electronics

    Electrical Drives:

    • Design of Electrical Machines
    • Control of DC Drives
    • Control of AC Drives
    • Control of Stepping and SRM Drives
    • Sensors and Observers for Electrical Derives
    • Servo Derives
    • Multi-Motor Derives
    • Drives for Traction / propulsion Systems
    • Marine and Submarine Drives
    • Mechatronics Systems
    • Motion control in Robotics
    Special Sessions:
    • Predictive Control for Power Converters and Drives
    • Power Electronics in Distributed Generation Systems and Microgrids